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Painting an M3 lip spoiler

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Anyone know what the average costs are for painting an M3 lip spoiler?
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Between $75 to $250. You would want to find a shop that knows what they're doing. Keep in mind the most expensive ones aren't usually the best, and the cheapest ones you simply can not trust...But in this business, sometimes you DO get what you pay.
One thing I've noticed...

if you see nice cars in the guy's garage when you walk in, its usually a good sign. Nice cars belong to richer folks, and they usually don't mind paying the premium to get the work done right.

In the case of a dent on my side.. i know a guy that has Vipers, Porches, and even a Lamborghini and Ferrari frequent his shop.. Was a no brainer, cuz this guy was the cheapest too :) Great work he did.
Mine cost $125 to get painted... The body shop is right behind my BMW dealer and they only work on BMW, Bemz, and Lexus. Great shop. They wanted $125 to paint and $45 to install. I am getting mine installed this afternoon! :thumbup:
Thanks guys. I called up a high end body shop, and they quoted me $100 for paint. They said they do two coats of paint and two coats of clearcoat
I just paid $120 to have the lip spoiler and the front bumper ducts painted in Steel Blue. Looks fantastic and was done in three days at Patrick Collison Repair Center in Schaumburg, IL.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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