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Well it started off as a wonderful 4th of July, hanging out in the pool drinking a margerita just having a typical holiday weekend attitude....... Wife asks me to go out to the garage to bring the trash cans in so our guests can have more room to park. I would normally never move anything in the garage around my 7er without moving it first. But this time I've had a few and didn't feel like moving the car, keep in mind I've been sipping on few ritas and sitting in the sun, so I figured I'd muscle the trash can over my head and slip past the car.....NOPE:mad: ...suntan lotion on wet hands.....BAM trash can slips out of my hands and right into the rear deck lid. I was so bent, at myself primarily, and then my wife because she asked me to do something! I had a slight 1" round smooth dent right in the 45 degree bevel on the rear deck lid. It wasn't as bad as you'd expect, but it was there, I could see it and would know it was there.
Anyway after kicking the trash can across the street barefoot for a while, I realized that the dent had no paint damage (plastic trash can) and no sharp creases....ah ha a candidate for paintless dent removal (PDR). So like we all do I jumped on this forum and started searching for local guys who could recommend someone. I found Rick at DENTS OUT PLUS, I even called him on the spot and he actually answered the phone! We made arrangements to have him come out the following week and look at the car. He came out to see the car and said no problem, he could get the dent out and I would never know it was there. Well I had read some forums here, where you guys recommended asking for pictures of work and experience with our cars. Sure enough, he carried a binder full of his work. That was enough for me, for a hundred bucks he popped off the interior liner of the trunk lid and went to work, in less than half an hour it was it never happened, trust me, I'm anal when it comes to bodywork.
This guys was awesome, car is perfect, interior panel and pieces went back together without any hicups or missing parts.

I will pm any of you guys his phone number if your interested, or is it okay to post it right here for everyone?

Just wanted to share that with you guys, if you ever need a good PDR guy that knows our cars, Rick is the man.
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