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Hey Everybody,

First time poster, but I've been reading countless threads on several fault codes. Let me see if I can't summarize this real quick:

Last summer, I replaced my 328ci's CCV to fix an oil leak identified by the dealership. Whether it is related or just complete coincidence, there has been an unending slew of SES lights popping up on my dashboard, some even triggering the EML and throwing it into limp mode. I will list them here:

P1477 - Leakage Diagnostic Pump Reed Switch Did Not Open (The first and most enduring culprit.)
P0456 - Evaporative Emission System Leak Detected - very small leak (Intermittent... probably related to P1477.)
P0341 - Camshaft Position Sensor "A" Circuit Range/Performance (Solved by replacing the sensor... probably coincidental timing.)
P1510 - Idle Speed Control Valve Stuck (Would occasionally throw the car into limp mode until I restarted the car, then fine again for a while... also possibly coincidental timing. Cleaned the ICV and haven't seen it since.)
P1250 - PRC Solenoid Curcuit Malfunction (No clue... Took to a mechanic a couple weeks ago who replaced the 3/2 way valve. Haven't seen it since.)
P1542 - Pedal Position Sensor Electical (I know this is located in the throttle body on the 328ci, but no clue what might cause it. Seen concurrently with P1477 and P0601.)
P0601 - Internal Control Module Memory Check Sum Error (Seen concurrently with P1477 and P1542. No clue why.)

So far, these are the parts I've replaced (please no lectures about throwing parts at it... I tried many other things before parts):

CCV / Oil Separator
Camshaft Position Sensor (To fix P0341)
3/2 Way Valve (To fix P1250)
Charcoal Canister / LDP (To fix P1477)
Fuel Tank Breather Valve (To fix P1477)
Non-return / Check Valve (To fix P1477)
Fuel Pump (Car wasn't starting for a bit... seems to have solved the problem)
Fuel Filter (Might as well when you change the fuel pump and 3/2 Way valve)

So this week I had the P1477, P1542, and P0601 and it was in permanent limp mode. I took it to a mechanic and he found a disconnected vacuum hose from the intake manifold to the 3/2 way valve (undoubtedly dislodged by the other mechanic) and we were hopeful this would solve it. An hour later, I got an SES light for P0440 - Evaporative Emission System (generic evap code?).

No idea where to go from here. If anybody see's any patterns that I don't, feel free to point them out, because this bad boy has me stumped.

PS: Throughout all of this, the DSC light comes on periodically, sometimes at the same time as the EML and SES lights... no clue about that one either.
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