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Part Number for First Aid Kit Bracket?

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The VPC stole my bracket. Does anyone have the part number? I have my first aid kit but didn't think I needed to take the bracket too. What were these guys thinking?

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Parts to take with on ED

No part number, but a question on ED:

What parts do you have to take with you when you drop the car off? Warning triangle? First Aid kit? Bracket (clearly). Floor mats?

When I did ED a few years back, I lost the first aid kit, but kept the warning triangle. They swapped the stereo, but I expected that . . .
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They're no longer swapping radios like they did before, the newer units can be changed via software settings for european or north american operation.

On my ED, I took the first aid kit contents, and warning triangle. The first aid box w/ bracket, floormats, and triangle bracket arrived with the car at my local dealer after going through the VPC.

Sheet from the TIS showing the first aid kit is at:
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