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Part #'s request

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Since there is a big wagon population on this board I was hoping someone knew the following part numbers:

Front,side,rear OEM European clear indicators of a 2002 325iT.

Front and side should be the same as the 2002 sedan. Rear is unique to the wagon, looks like coupe clears.

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From what I've seen, they didn't change the rears from 01 for production, though early BMW pics showed wagons with sedan-style revised lights.

Since there aren't very many wagons, and they use bespoke lights, the rears alone cost as much as all 6 for a sedan or coupe. Needless to say I only got the fronts and sidemarkers and did something else with the back.
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Its a red paint from Japan that actually looks really good, unlike most of what the r1cers use.

People always ask me if I have a 5er. Even fooled Emission. :D
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How to?? Take out the light, mask it, spray it, let it dry, put it back in.

The blinking looks identical to the stock red parts, as if you look closely the stock lens is built with amber as the base and a red lens over it for the red parts.
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