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PARTING: 1993 325is 2door blk/blk runs 100%

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Not sure if this is the correct place and sorry if its not, and mods can move it.

Me and a buddy just got ahold of a 1993 325is that was hit in the front, and in the back. Some exterior parts available. It has a MINT black leather interior, and black exterior. 2D. Manual trans. Runs and drives 100% perfect!! We just got the car and ALL parts are available as we bought it to part it out. If anyone is interested in ANYTHING please e-mail me at [email protected] with parts request and offers. I also can get pics. These parts will go pretty quick as we already have a offer of $500 on both seats. The car is located near Lancaster PA. Please e-mail as i will not be checking here often. Thank you.
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im interested

i need the motor trany and whatever else you think i need for a conversion i got a 93 318 i want to convert it to a 5 speed i have 750 to work with if i need a little more let me know how much please dont rape me with a price. hit me up on my cell 917 378 2107
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