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Passenger occupancy sensor

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I've had an ongoing problem with the front right passenger seat occupancy sensor in my 2015 X3 28i. The airbag light stays on and it alarms about the passenger restrain system. Looks like this was a common problem in the past and 2005-2010 models had a recall.

Does anyone know of an option to code this problem out? I ordered the replacement seat cushion which is required just for the embedded occupancy sensor. Part alone is $600, not looking forward to paying out of pocket for this since my warranty expired 10,000 miles ago. I reported this problem once under warranty but they found no problem, because it was intermittent at the time.

Looking for coding help if anyone knows of any options other than replacing the seat cushion.

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Passenger seat position sensor:
Sitzpositionsensor_Beifahrer: aktiv -> nicht_aktiv
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