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Passenger Side Door Lock not opening. TSB details??

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Occasionally my passenger side door lock doesnt open when the remote is pressed (twice). Usually happens when the car is sitting for a little while and the outside temperature is cold. I sometimes need to go through a few lock/unlock cycles before it finally opens.

Sometimes I even have to go inside the car to open it.

Apparently there is a TSB for this problem and would appreciate if anyone has the tsb # and the full details for it.

Greatly appreciated :thumb:
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I don't think there's a TSB for this problem...At least there isn't one I am aware of.

The TSB you may be refering to is the one where the door latch mechanism is installed backwards and sometimes causes the door to not open, but it will lock/unlock just fine. It sounds like you have a defective lock cylinder. Take it to your local dealer and have them replace it under warranty...Most good dealers will take your word for it.
There is a TSB according to this post...

It says there is a TSB in this post.

This is the exact problem I am getting.
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