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Passenger side seatbelt warning

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I drive an '06 X5...recently whenever someone or some thing small sits in that side the seatbelt warning light stays on and then starts to chime even when the seatbelt is buckled. The only way to make it stop is if I pull over...put the car in park then drive again. The warning light still stays on but the chime stops...any thoughts to as what the issue is? Mat Sensor? The airbag light does not stay on. Thanks!
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Sounds like bad seat belt receiver

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Is this relatively easy to fix?
Ya not to bad. Unbolt seat. Unbolt receiver bolt back together

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I'm sorry not the most mechanically inclined...can you expand your answer please...thanks!
Funny I have family that lives in pittsford!
Thanks man but I live in Vegas...just have family there.
I tried :)

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I have the same exact problem... driver's seat belt and receiver works fine. I would think it would wear out first.

If you push the buckle into the receiver and hold it, the chime will stop. Such a whip for my passengers!
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