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can anyone help with this odd problem i have - i bought a secondhand 118 '57 petrol with xenon lights fitted at purchase, and have a strange problem with my headlights.
it started a few weeks ago, after handwashing the car, both indicators flashed at about twice their normal frequency. This error self-corrected in a matter of days. However, a few days later, the headlights (not sure which side) flickered, and I got a headlight warning symbol.
now, when I start the car i get a warning "indicator on right" not working (it works fine), followed by "dipped beam left" failure. The left beam flashes off 3 times briefly with a six second interval and then operates normally.
I have taken it in and nothing can be gained from fault codes - any suggestions before i take it in agains for the headlights to come out and further investigation? The car is not under warrenty.
thanks in advance.
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