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Passive Tank Replacement - Need confirmation of VW Part

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Hi All,

I've been driving with the 4976 and 4BCC code for almost a year now (I got the CEL 1 month after 10 years had passed and I was at 80K but BMW NA said NO to goodwill after multiple tries). I got the codes via Carly before taking it to the Indy yesterday.

4976 - NoX Sensor
4BCC - Passive Tank

Anyway - I need to tackle the job now so went to the Indy who ran diagnostics and confirmed the above codes (see attachment) and the recommendation is to change the Passive Tank and NoX sensor = Total Quote $3400.00 which is a No Go ($2100 just for the passive tank, rest NoX and Labor)

After reading multiple threads etc - I'd go with the cheap VW part and that's where I need help to confirm the part number since there seem to be different revisions as well so I want to make sure I get the right one.

So far, I see that there are two part numbers: 7L6-198-970-A and 7L6-198-970

From one of the threads someone shared the below link but part numbers are 7L6-198-970-B and 7L6-198-970 but the ECS fitment says it doesn't work for E70 35d.

I also saw some threads mentioning at "Bosch" part but I can't find the part number. Can y'all confirm the correct part. Also, I'm in Houston so if there's an Indy you know who has done this before, do let me know.


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On the note of the passive tank, might I suggest used from eBay, just swapped both the active and passive pumps on my 2013 X5 35i about 2 months ago and found both on eBay for less than $150... Work perfectly.
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