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Pedal Covers

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Hey guys so I'm looking at getting some aluminum pedal covers for my E36 but I'm not sure which ones I should get. I do like the aluminum ones, since they go with the aluminum ring below my shift knob, the black ones look good to but I don't know if they would really accent the interior like I want it to since my interior is black to, and the carbon fiber ones are just there for kicks, they might look cool but I don't know if they'd be too ricey. Anyway links are below, let me know what you think and if you have pics to share please do.

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In my view, the only pedal covers worth getting are ones which actually improve the contact your shoes have with the pedals. The eBay, etc. pedals aren't going to cut it. Only ones I'd get would be something like what's offered at Turner.
Those turner covers are one sale too! Pm me if you're going to buy them today or tomorrow.

I may or may not have a promo code (hint hint).
I would get something like that but I'm looking for something to spruce up the interior as well. I had a set of the aluminum ones given to me as gift for an auto before I did my swap and I test fitted them and they were definitely grippy. I was really wondering if anyone had time pics so I could see what they would look like. Think I'll probably just go with the bright aluminum ones.

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