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Performance Center Delivery question...

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For anybody out there who has done a Performance Center delivery, is it possible to "upgrade" the delivery so that two people can drive during the driving class without sharing a vehicle? I thought somebody at had mentioned doing this, but I can't find the info now.

I called the PDC in Spartanburg and the lady I spoke to acted like I was from Mars...did not even answer simple questions directly. I could have gotten more information from a brick wall.
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There will be plenty of driving with two people in one car. I have never inquired, but the letters I received indicated that the program is set up for only two drivers and one car.

The PDC was a great experience for my wife and I. I wrote a page about it:

Click here for the write-up

Have fun. The people there are wonderful and accomodating of your requests. Maybe they will work with you when you arrive.
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