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My name is Andy
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Thanks everyone!

Nice car. What is the deal with the rear? Do you have bodies in the trunk or something?
The car is on Bilstien coilovers, it's even with the front. I promise you, it does not have the dead bodies look haha.

Is that a repaint or OEM ?
OEM... needs a detail tho.

Are those 18's or 19's ac schnitzers? Car looks great!!
18's. I have some 18x9.5 rears I need to put on. I'm on the lookout for 19x9.5 rears.

what ya got going on with the front splitter...?

Yeah, it's a bit bent. It hits and bends before I hit my bumper and break it. It's made of plastic so if you take it off and let it roast in the sun all afternoon on a level surface, it forms back flat again.
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