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~*(PiC)*~ New "SPECIFICATIONS" Section!!! Website UPDATE!!!!

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Hi All:

Just updated this brand new section titled "SPECIFICATIONS" in my site, it is under the "PERFORMANCE & COMPARISONS" section, this new section is also in the "RECENT UPDATEDS (07/01/02)" page.

Please check it out by click on this pic:

Or you can click on this link:[url][/URL]

Just to be on the safe side, I went through 6 books (3 OEM BMW, C&D, R&D & Motor Trend) to search for some of the specifications.

There are some differences in specifications listed in different books. For example:

Curb Weight on Road & Track: 3930lbs
Curb Weight on BMW E39 Brochure: 3803lbs

Engine Displacement on Motor Trend: 4391cc
Engine Displacement on BMW E39 Brochure: 4398cc

Again, comments are welcome. Also I would really appreciate if you can correct me on any incorrect OEM info, and please do let me know if there's anything I need to add.

Thanks for your time!