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Picked up my 325xi Friday

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It's fabulous! It's hard to be gentle during the break in period because you don't even notice the car geting up there. Still it's not too hard to keep it under 4500 RPMs and I do mostly city driving so speed is not a problem. I'm still getting used to the clutch which is not the same as on my acura and I haven't found the best seating position yet BUT overall it's a bllast to drive.
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City driving is great for the break in period. You do not want to do a long cross country trip during the break, vary your speed, keep it under 4500 rpm like you are, and your chances of burning any oil in the first 10,000 will be significantly reduced!

Congrats! My wife saw JP's (think it was JP's) 323Xi on the web last night, and now SHE wants an XI, silver, with SP. Well, we got to pay off her Explorer first..then we can get serious about it, in 10 months.
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Congrats and welcome to the xi club. Rip would be glad to have you as a member as well:thumb:
I picked up my Steel Blue black 'ette 5 spd. 325Xi one week ago today! I was a little apprehensive about the colour (I even went so far as to call the dealer to change it to Steel Grey but it was too late in the production cycle.) Now that I have it, I think Steel Blue is a great colour! (Of course, when driving inside the car, the exterior colour is irrelevant.)

The leather seats (oops, I mean leatherette) are very comfortable and have already survived many scuff marks from little kids' boots; they easily wipe clean. The majority of my driving is in the city and the 325 has more than ample power. I have been diligent in keeping the revs below 4k (I have about 290 km) and I can't wait to open it up after the break in period.

We have had our first dumping of snow this year and the Xi has performed flawlessly. Even driving around mall parking lots where other cars have been stuck in the snow I have easily pulled in and out with no problems. The rain sensor is great and the wood trim really adds a touch of class to what (in my view) would otherwise be a bit of a sombre interior. Gas mileage is pretty poor, but then again, it is only my first tank and I have heard it gets better over time.

Anyone on the fence about the Xi in a snowy climate, get it. You will not regret it.
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Oh yeah, while I had lots of complaints about my dealer during the "waiting process" (he was no good with keeping me updated) he did come through with the gift bag on delivery:

Full set of nice winter mats
Full set of nice summer mats
3 series key-chain
Insulated BMW coffee mug
BMW v-neck pullover sweater
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