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A sudden sense of liberty
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Mystikal said:
Whoa, nice rims on that Ci. SSR Comp's have to be the absolute lightest rims that you can use on the street.

I need to get myself into some Auto-x events guys keep luring me to it!
Yeah, but without the stickers they're nowhere near as fast.

CD55 and I ran an SCCA autocross today at FedEx field. It was a good time; this is the first year they've had a lot that big out here, and it allowed a much longer course that was easier to navigate and didn't double back on itself so much. Fortunately, we were in the morning session, because the sky opened up around 12:30 (right before my last run).

After today, I've decided that at some point I'm going to get a set of track tires.
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