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Pics of 18" rims on '02 Sedan?? Widest/biggest possible?

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ok, first of all, what's the largest specifications for Rims/Tires a 2002 330xi sedan can handle? I will most likely go with 18" but I'd like them to be VERY wide.

Does anyone have pictures with 18" on a 2002 sedan?

Also, I was looking at the Hamman PG2 18"ers, while I currently have the 17" type 79 wheels (SP on 330xi). What is the weight difference in these two?

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Hamann rims are generally heavy.

I had 18x8.5" ACS Type 3s on my 99 sedan They were aprrox 21-24Lbs a rim w/o rubber.
heavier than BMWs?

Hamman's are heavy I remember, but heavier than OEM BMW rims? If they are heavier still, than what are some similarly styled equivalent brands??


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