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Pics of my Weekend Project

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Last weekend I decided that it was way past time for me to re-mount the summer wheels. Things just kept coming up for the past month of weekends and I just kept putting it off.

I purchased some Foliatec Red caliper paint back in October or so with the intention of putting it on my then-ordered Sentra Spec-V. That deal fell through and I ended up just ponying up the money for my car. Big loss, I know. :D

After washing 4 alloys, 4 steel wheels, and 4 hubcaps, then jacking up the car, dismounting wheels, scrubing off brake dust, prepping paint, painting, waiting, applying second coat, waiting, mounting wheels, turning car around, jacking up the car, dismounting wheels, scrubbing off brake dust, painting, waiting, applying second coat, waiting, mounting wheels, and then the enevitable clean up, my car is finished. I can't say I would do it again (the painting), but to my eyes it was worth it.

Here are some pics:

I never even noticed that my rims had that little red badge on them until I took them out of storage that day. They accent the calipers nicely! :thumb: The wheels are 16x7.5" Mille Miglia MM-112's, BTW.

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After looking at my spare, my car came with the 5-spoke Style 43's (16" also). I'm not the original owner, so my guess is that the other woman (yeah, a female was the previous owner) changed tires only for the first winter, and then the next summer just bought these and mounted the factory Conti's. Not something I would do, but hey, I never understand women anyways. :D
KP said:

I'm fortunte not having to worry about winter sets:eek: . We get snow perhaps 1-2 times a year, and it's either a flurry or a freakstorm. Besides, people don't move when it snows here, so we always end up having icy roads:tsk: . Yeah, that does sound odd. Something my significant other would do:lmao:
Around here JPinTO gets by without taking off his M68's. I still can't believe his grille isn't pasted on the bumper of a minivan.

I give the woman credit, she ordered one serious car: 5-speed, SP, CD, Auto Climate. No frills, no fluff. I'm truly impressed! :yikes:
KP said:

Women and manuals, all I can say is:bigpimp: . My significant other has a 97 eclipse RS manual. A decent car, and she drives it like hell:lmao: . But then again, she always asks me why the front tires wear out so fast:rolleyes:
Statistically, more women drive stick than men. It's sad, really. :tsk:
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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