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Pics of Rachel's "New" Car

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New to us anyway. Bought from a Board member, long time customer, and friend. It was recently her 30th birthday, I offered her a new car, but she chose this!

I don't know many women who drive M Coupes but I am thrilled to be married to one.


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Outstanding....they're both keepers.

Very nice. I don't see the white ones all that often. Its an exceptional looking vehicle although granted owning a coupe version myself has me slightly biased in your favor hehe.
very nice car..and very nice house! :D
Beautiful Z ! The Z4 looks great in white. I live on James Island maybe our paths will cross on the road and we can have a little driving fun ! Enjoy !
I do wonder if I should have went for an M version - the dual exhausts out the back look awesome. I think though, living in a huge city that its probably just a bit too aggressive in comparison to a 3.0si so I will have to compromise. I gather from your sig that this is an 06 model year?
Very nice,

Aero side skirts too.... the mud flaps reminds me of Ron Stygers car.

The only thing she needs now is a stubby antenna and some Dan Decals for the reflectors.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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