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Pictures of your brake dust woes and my rusting exhaust pipes

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And, yes, I did resize from 2048x1536, so don't complain

11.8" rotor and single :)() piston caliper

Right front tire with outer wear

What causes the brake dust (this pad has less than 3K on it)

Notice the twin exhaust pipes rusting :dunno:

In the last picture, why are the pipes rusty? And, this is where the 328 looses power. You can see that it is 2 pipes from the engine that bottle-neck into a single tube :thumbdwn:
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Ripsnort said:
I haven't personally used this product here//, but I understand that its just what the doctor far as tail pipes go, thats normal oxidation, especially if you live in regions that use salt mixed with sand in the winter months.
I don't really care how the underbody looks, but was suprised by how rusty the exhaust tubes were.

Do you think we salt the roads in New Orleans? :dunno:
Ripsnort said:

Doubt it, but isn't New Orleans near salt water? Bet if you licked the road, you could detect a salty flavor! ;)
I'd rather not find out :eek:
And, I'll bet that the discoloration on the black panel is merely A/C condensation draining out...
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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