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Pictures of your brake dust woes and my rusting exhaust pipes

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And, yes, I did resize from 2048x1536, so don't complain

11.8" rotor and single :)() piston caliper

Right front tire with outer wear

What causes the brake dust (this pad has less than 3K on it)

Notice the twin exhaust pipes rusting :dunno:

In the last picture, why are the pipes rusty? And, this is where the 328 looses power. You can see that it is 2 pipes from the engine that bottle-neck into a single tube :thumbdwn:
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JST said:

Oh, god. The mere thought of licking the streets in New Orleans is enough to put me off my lunch for a week. You'd detect a flavor, all right, but it probably wouldn't be salt.

1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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