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Piloti racing shoes, anybody try these out?

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Just trying to get some opinions on Piloti driving shoes. i like them because you can wear them to work, at least the ones that don't look like sneakers.
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I wear Sparcos...

But the people I do know that wear Pilotis seem to like them a lot...
where can you buy them on-line?
Wear them to work? Which ones were you referring to specifically?

I plan to replace my 'sneakers' with Pilotis as soon as I get around to it. I feel weird wearing cross-training shoes or basketball shoes when I don't participate in either of these activities.

Real driving shoes that you can wear anywhere... awesome idea. But the idea of buying shoes without being able to try them on first is what has been holding me back I guess.

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check out their site. they're known for their sneaker look driving shoes, but they also make casual shoe-look driving shoes.
SONET said:
Wear them to work? Which ones were you referring to specifically?

Go to the Poloti web site, then paddock wear and then Seabring. Brown or black leather uppers with a few small red accents/logos.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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