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Pinnacle Souveran over Klasse

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Has anyone put Pinnacle Souveran over Klasse? If so, did you put it on after doing AIO, AIO plus SG, or what?

I did a full Klasse AIO and two coats of Klasse SG about 3 weeks ago. Since then I've washed the car once and used Sonus for QD. What prep. should I do if I want to apply Pinnacle Souveran? Should I just wash the car and then use Pinnacle or should I wash and Sonus QD then apply Pinnacle Souveran? Would applying Souveran mean that I should use a different QD than Sonus afterwards?

And finally :) , does anyone have pictures of Jet Black with Souveran on it?

Much thanks!
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jetstream23 said:
Looks great. That's a single post but I couldn't find the whole thread. :dunno:
upper right corner of that link
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