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Place to do pre-purchase inspection in Phoenix area

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Can anyone recommend a shop to do a thorough inspection on a 1998 M3 sedan in my absence and fax me an honest report?

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I used these guys for a brake job once, they seemed pretty cool.
Anyone use Bill's Bimmers?
Just wanted to report back that I ended up using Bill's Bimmers and was happy with the long distance service - very thorough. I stopped by and had them do an oil change after I bought the car and the mechanics were very friendly and let me watch and learn when the car was up on the rack. Check them out if you get tired of overpaying at the dealerships.
Never heard of them. It sounds like they did you right. Maybe after my warrantee expires I'll check them out.
graat said:
Anyone use Bill's Bimmers?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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