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If you're lurking out there...somewhere...anywhere...listen to my plea.

Why are you treating me like this? Have I not been a faithful E46 M3 owner? Patiently waiting for tidbits, rumors, hints at what the next gen would have to offer? Living in fear, denying the stark, cold realization that your automotive design just isn't for me any longer?

I'm sorry that I puked the first time I saw the Z4. I didn't mean to call the Quandt family all those silly names. That Bangle Voodoo doll was not mine, I swear!

And now it has come to got my hopes up with the way the M5 and M6 looked, but with these naughty, nasty pictures circulating around of the M3...with that hideous chin. What good is a girl with outstanding grip, who lets you know just when she's gonna break, and fast, like 0-60 in 4.5, with luscious, full body hugging leather seats, if she looks like a focking Sleestak? I can't put a bag over the entire car, it just isn't gonna work.

So...before it's too late...please...put a different bumper on it. Even the 5's looks better than the abomination that is...THIS.

And just so that we're on the same page here. I got a call earlier today. From my old friend Toyota. And ooooh man the Supra looks like she's been to the gym. And yoga. :eeps:

(OK sorry it's been a long night)
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