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My troubles started with Carly which failed coding and left my 2019 BMW G30's BDC in a bad state, with many errors in the car status, windows wouldn't roll up, no blind spot detection, no TPM, as well as other issues. I decided to try to flash the BDC to fix this (probably not a good idea). Along with the BDC I tried to flash DKOMBI & HU_NBT2.

HU_NBT2 succeeded, but BDC and DKOMBI failed. I now have a black instrument cluster. I wanted to try to VO code DKOMBI again, but it doesn't even show in Expert Mode coding as an ECU. DKOMBI is all red now in TAL Calculating as well:
Rectangle Font Parallel Screenshot Software

Before I continue messing things up, I figured I'd reach out here to see if someone can help me figure out how to fix the mess I created.

Thanks in advance!
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