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**PLEASE help me-steering problems"

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Up untill a month ago, everything was fine with my steering. It felt heavy and thus it had a very sporty feel to it. Last month i noticed that the steering had become "light" it was now MUCH easier to turn at low and at high speeds. So i took it to the dealer who replaced my control arm which did NOTHING to change my steering. I can still move it to the left and right with little effort. So to see if there really was a problem i drove another 2002 330ci and it had a heavier steering feel, which is what i used to have about a month ago. The dealer says that they looked over the mechanical things regarding the steering and they checked out fine. So it could be hydrualic problem or with the hydrualic pump. What do you think?? what should i do now?? i want my car to be fixed, i feel as if i am going crazy becasue it seems like i have felt the problem and the advisors have not. ANY help would be appreciated

2002 330ci