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I've managed to do a lot in my E92 2011 M3, I've coded everything, changed the VO, retrofitted BMW Apps but I can't for the life of me get the Internet functionality to work.

I've changed the VO to be more or less

609,614,615,697,6AA,6AB,6AL,6NR (removed 639, added 614, 615)
, 6AL experimented with 6AA, 6AB, 644)
And default coded Media and CIC. Then I enabled DUN/PAN on Combox as well as pretty much every option there. Coded CIC to disable DUN/PAN, set communication to combox and mamac and set the Combox to mainboardalone instead of ecallboardpresent.

I have almost everything in the available services now and when my iphone is connected some services appear like Service Request and Roadside Assistence, and if I disable Data in the car they go away. Live / Internet stay no matter what, but every time I try to access them they do the Starting Internet, then say Please activate bluetooth data services.

It still says BMW Assist under ConnectedDrive (instead of BMW Services,) even if I deactivate everything with the word assist in CIC.

Update BMW Assist is disabled but once in a while, if I code SWUP_ENABLE_ONLINE (typo) in combox and let the car sleep, when it turns on it will start updating services, and I'll even have concierge enabled and messages (in connected drive menu, no telephone,) and because I have underground parking it never reaches any servers and then concierge and other things disappear afterwards.

Roadside and Service say Start Call or whatever, and they list my iphone as a valid connection method but when you press them, they don't do anything... they briefly say not enabled or expired contract.

Also the SOS button doesn't do anything.

I've tried Tool32 to write a new vin and set the combox to coding_vin instead of most_vin but the combox never accepts the new vin.

I have no clue what else I can try, short of trying to get the car to update services automatically above ground, but it seems to happen rarely only if I change a couple of combox settings then let it sleep for a while.

Please help!!! :bawling:

Not sure if it makes a difference but I only wrote my modified VO to CAS, not FRM and only coded CIC and MEDIA with the blank MAN file afterwards. Figured others weren't important and could always have the original in FRM.
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