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Please tell me what I have here.... 635CSI 383hp Dinan

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So, I bought this car today, because I have always liked Sharks and had two back in the day. Car has 54k original miles and is a 1986 model. However, there is an extensive service file going back to day one and in that file is about $20,000 in Dinan modifications. Full turbo kit, intercooler, oil cooler, full M6 Exhaust, M6 Limited Slip differential. Dinan suspension, Dinan performance brakes. Then, an upgraded bigger turbo with bigger injectors and much more. Unfortunately it is an automatic. Bought it from a daughter whose father owned it and did all of the work and loved this car. Daughter got it in the will when dad passed away 3 years ago, parked it in front of her house and there is has sat since late 2019.

I'm looking to perhaps restore it, but don't want to be majorly upside down in it. Any ideas on what it is worth with nice paint and running great so I have an idea where my spending limit should be? I have searched allover and cannot find any non-M6 Dinan's to compare it to price wise.

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Dinan just spent me the specs on this car based on their invoice of what was installed. 383bhp and 460lbs torque. Not to shabby I would say. :) Stock M6 is 253hp.
You can't find any non-M Dinan's because there are (at this point in time) so few left. You have a unicorn, and it's definitely worth spending some $$$$ to get it going.

Does it need paint? I see the clearcoat is in rough shape, but a good shop may be able to re-clear it. How's the interior?

I'd get it running, then decide. I see the intake boot just before the AFM is in terrible condition. Stuff like that will have to be addressed.

I suggest you join We have a large, worldwide group of very knowledgeable E24 owners that would be excited to see your car, and would be more than willing to help with any problems you encounter.
Well, I have decided to keep the car indefinitely and do the deep dive. My 29 year old son was so excited about this car and the prospect of me leaving it to him in my will. LOL. The clear is gone on the upper surfaces and is not salvageable. Fortunately, I am a master painter and this car is worthy of one of my paint jobs. The Interior is thankfully in excellent condition and only needs a good cleaning. Even the driver's side bolster on the sport seat is not worn. Gas is varnished, so tank out and full system clean to start. I can't wait to feel what 383hp feels like in a E24. This is the interior as-found. That wiring mess coming out of the glovebox area is a Sirius Radio receiver, a blue tooth hands free transmitter/receiver for the radio and a Dinian Stage 5 Control Module in case any of you were wondering.

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I will be doing a build thread on the car on for the duration of the resurrection. :)

Received my reissued "DINAN" badge today. Can't buy them. Have to qualify for them.


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