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Plz post pics, E46 coupe with 18 or 19 in BBS RK.

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Thanks in advance.

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i thinkbbs RKs only come in up to 18"

for silly pix u can go to and try them on. i don't know if anyone has them on e46s.


LIL Raja
The pics on TireRack really suck. I got a pic from another board and made up my mind. I am getting the RKs in 18.

They are actually nice wheels. i have seen

them on a guys car on e36 m3. Looked nice. 18s would be the best compromise for all reasons. But 19s is all looks.

LIL Raja
Raffi, find a set of good pictures and I'll photoshop them onto your car fer ya!
what about going in trierack and

doing a close up of the rims. That's usually really good, then PS it in. I am sure you are gonna like these wheels, they are really good looking and not too heavy.

LIL Raja
Try, there are a lot of guys with aftermarket wheels there.
Where's that guy with a Steel Gray and Tanin Red Ci with 18" RK's...he used to post frequently. :dunno:
Thanks for all your replies, guys. I ordered the wheels on Friday and should get them later this week. I will post pics once the wheels are on my car.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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