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PM 325xiT what's your opinion of

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Speedshine vs Meguires F.I.?

PM325xiT said: I currently am using Final Inspection and like it. I just received some Speed Shine to try for myself and determine which I prefer. I plan on trying it tomorrow post wax
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My first reaction is that the Speed Shine applies and wipes off a little easier that the Final Inspection. The FI seems to be less receptive to being wiped off, thus if you're not careful you can leave some streaks behind for the excess.

The SS gave a nice shine and it did a very nice post wax clean up, got rid of all the wax dust, etc. It also gave a better look to the black door trim and bumper areas vs. the FI.

I also notice the Speed Shine had a nice aroma not that affects the way it works:tsk: And there cotton towels rock:thumb:

At this point I would say I'll become full-time Speed Shine user once I finish off the bottle of FI (probably use it on the minivan:D )
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Yea that's how I feel.

I will probably use the F.I. on my Tacoma, my wife's car, and the motorcycles.

The Speedshine will be used on the BMW.

Happy detailing!
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