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I bought a sirius receiver from a non-local BMW dealer. I received it, installed it, but it doesn't work. Some debug indicates that the receiver is broken. I called the dealer and was told that the only option I have is to take it to my local dealer and have them diagnose the problem. If the receiver is defective, they will replace it under warranty. I was told, however, that they may charge me for the diagnosis.

The reason that was given is that BMW requires them to do a diagnosis on the customer's car in order to verify the unit is defective. If they don't do this, BMW will not reimburse them for the unit. I was also told that they have no way to check if the receiver is bad or not other than in the customer's car.

Is all this true? If so, this really stinks. I now probably have a receiver that was defective out of the box and need to spend time at the dealer and perhaps pay money to get the unit replaced. I was hoping to be able to box up the receiver and send it back to them for replacement.

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