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I thought I'll chime in since I also use 1Z products. There is no need to give up on them just yet, they have one of the best polishes I've ever tried. Looking at this chart I'd say that 1Z Paint Polish (green can) is a bit more aggressive than 3M Swirl Mark Remover or Meg's No. 9 but it's in the same category. 1Z Ultra Polish (yellow can) is around 6 on that scale but it's less aggressive than 3M's fine cut rubbing compound. I haven't used their Metallic Polish (red can) but from what I've heard it's similar to P21S GEPC.

I don't think you need anything between 1Z paint polish and AIO, that polish creates very nice gloss. If you want something more aggressive I'd try their Ultra polish or Meg's Dual Action Cleaner/Polish No. 83. Keep in mind that some swirls and scratches can't be removed with PC (orbital), you'll need rotary buffer.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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