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Porter-Cable 7424 has been

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replaced with a new model. # 7336SP (sander/polisher).

I just noticed this over at
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I have a question about Griot's add:

I noticed in the add for the PC in Griot's it states that:

"Be warned that other companies are selling the Random Orbital we offer with a cheaper backing plate that's made of plastic. Their mounting screw is molded into the plastic allowing the transfer of heat from the machine, through the screw and plastic, into the pad and your paint. [Griot's] backing plate is rubber with holes that dissipate heat. Thus, no heat build up in our pad, or on your paint. Enjoy the best."

So, is this just good ol' marketing? :dunno:
Is the plate different from Griot's than from

And even if it is, could it actually be worth the $80:yikes: difference?
Just curious...
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