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walc said:
Actually, you could; only in the Wagon/Touring/Estate version. It is still available via Euro Deliv. So, likely (can anyone confirm??) also available via special order thru your "friendly local BMW dealer."

I might actually go for the 325i Estate. Don't really care for the '06 325xi's looks, especailly the rear. The 530xi looks awesome, but I think they were way too conservative with the 325xi.....only my humble opinion of course.

I realise that the '05 325 will still have the old 2.5L engine with a meek 189 hp, but that's plenty for me. And, it can be had for an Euro Deliv price of $28K plus ~ $1 for dealer profit.

Hey, I used to drive a '94 318i (automatic). It was pretty slow, but still I had a blast.

Only major concern with '05 325i Estate is that it is rather small, especially the back seats. It seem like the '06 version will be a bit bigger.

Another thing is that the '06 version coming out this Fall will be an X-Drive version, which is not what I care for....I realize it's a great drivetrain, but I'd much rather have a RWD. If I were to buy a AWD version, I would choose Audi's Quattros...20+ years of proven experience.
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