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Hi everyone !
Month ago, my headlight bulb died and i went to shop to get new one and replace my self.
Guy at store insisted that he will do replacement and i agree . He didn't seem to knowledgeable and i was stupid enough to let him start . Of course he pulled one of my daytime running lights (perfectly fine bulb) also on the wrong side . I caught his mistake on time ,he put it back , I said "thanks' ,left and changed headlight bulb by my self (took me 10 min).
Few days ago i start noticing that my daytime running light at passenger side seems brighter .Quick look, and my light bulb is tilled down. looks like he didn't put it back right . This morning i tried to take bulb out and place it right but its very hard to see what is going on .
Guys , i searched everywhere to see if i can fin some DIY step-by step instructions but no luck . Does anyone know how to take darn thing out ? I was able to access without taking whole headlight housing out and disconnect a cable ,but light bulb wont move . I don't want to force it and break something .BTW. Car is 07 328i (e90) with regular halogen lights (i can post pics. if needed ).
I think this should be pretty much straight forward.
Any help is greatly appreciated .

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