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Finally got this done and they look awesome. I had an independent foreign car garage disassemble and reinstall the calipers (BMW wouldn't touch this as it's not "sanctioned").
I found a powder coater who was well versed in this kind of work, and it was a good thing because there are many machined surfaces that can not be coated. He taped all those areas off and did a fantastic job. The reassembly was a piece of cake, I'm told.

For those who are not familiar with powder coating, it's a process where paint is applied electrostatically (a powder is sprayed onto the part) and then baked in an oven. The result is rock hard and very durable. No peeling, no flaking, no chipping.

I don't know why BMW doesn't offer this (except when you get the yellow performance brakes for $3K). It really adds a nice touch.


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