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Power Steering and Brakes?

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I have a 88 535i and my steering is very stiff and my brakes are hard. The brake light is on too. I have quite a bit of pad left on my brakes so i don't think that's why its on. I looked in the power steering reservoir and it was filled to the strainer. i haven't checked the power steering filter but i don't think that's it. What do you all think it could be? and how much would it cost to fix? im only 15 so i don't have lot of money to fix it. i know quite a bit about cars but i have no clue on this one. also, do you think i could do the job by myself?
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Is the belt on the power steering ?

the belts are tight and dont slip or squeak when i cut the wheel hard, could it be the accumulator or regulator?
It sounds like the pump is not making pressue (internal leak?). I've been round cars for 40yrs and I still don't have the tools or rig for PS pump rebuilds.
I agree with bmw father fig. Both steering and brakes are hydrolically power assisted by same pump. Sorry kid but time for new or rebuilt pump, can't get around that. Remember a hard and fast rule... Cheap Bmw's are the most expensive cars to own.
I have a good power steering pump for 40 plus shipping.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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