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Power steering pump replacement.

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It's my brother's car and the power steering is out. We are going to replace the power steering pump tomorrow. I am going to follow the DIY from E46fanatics . Anything in particular that we should be careful about or pay extra attention to? Thanks in advance.
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Yes. Loosen the 3 pulley bolts before removing the belt. That way you don't have to think how you will keep the pulley steady. Hopefully your pulley bolts won't be seized and the belt friction will be enough...
Thanks for the tip.
Successfully replaced the power steering pump and it feels good to have the assist back in steering. The pulley in the pump came out loose along with the pump shaft, so the pump was hosed real bad. The torx bolts that attache the pump to body were seized too, so we just took the metal plate out that holds pump. We had to take it to a machine shop to get those bolts cut off. The DIY posted in e46fanatics is really good and precise. The only issues we faced was in taking the belt out and putting it back on, may be there is a specific tool for it, we were using just cables and screwdrivers. Overall a nice use of weekend. :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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