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As a died in the wool Natural Chamois user I have been skeptical about the synthetic ones but I finally tried one.

I purchased the Griots Dimpled Synthetic Chamois at the recommendation of the Griots folks. It comes in a nice plastic storage case and is supposed to be stored slightly damp to prevent hardening.

The first thing I noticed is "Man, this thing is THICK!" It's about 1/8 inch and feels almost rubbery. This helps hang on to it unlike a slimy natural one. It also helps in wringing out the Chamois, which can be a chore with the natural ones as well.

The second thing is that it collects and holds much more water than the natural one, speeding the time to dry the car and lessening the chance of water spots :thumb:

I have to give this product :thumb: :thumb:
I have retired my natural one to cleaning the windows on the house.

If you are in the market for a Chamois I would definately recommend this product!


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I bought 2 I was so impressed! One for the finish, and one for the bumpers, rockers. I also got the Chamois cleaner which works great with the syn. chamois. Just finished doing a wash, interior cleaning, 2 hours! Whew, this beer tastes good! :D
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