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Andawyr said:

Gotta like the Canadian/Euro 330ci gauges - only one set of numbers!

I've never seen that before - first time was when I test drove a 330ci. I really liked it - made for a very clean display. :thumb:

We don't need no stinkin' miles! :thumbdwn:
I bought a used Canadian 540i from Ebay a couple years ago from a Canadian Mercedes dealer. I figured they would have both kilometers and miles on the instrument cluster, like we do. Wrong!

It added a really cool "foreign" feel to the whole experience, driving around in my new metric bimmer. After a while it got tiresome to divide by two and add 10% everytime I looked at the speedometer, so as my first performance mod, I had the dealer switch out the cluster. $700 later, the car seemed a lot more ordinary. It never drove the same after that -- the soul had been ripped right out of it. ;)

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