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2007 BMW 335i e92
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Finally had to make an acct. lol I drive a 07 Pre-Lci 335i e92 with xenon adaptive headlights. but my front right headlight went out about 6-8 weeks ago and I've looked everywhere and tried just about everything. My running lights work fine, my turn signals both work fine but...... when I turn my headlights on, only my left side comes on. Then about 10-15 seconds later, my left fog light comes on and I cant turn it off unless I turn my headlight switch back off.

I have replaced bulbs, ballast, and swapped sides to make sure the parts work. Also i noticed the wire insulation was broken pretty bad so I removed the headlight and unpinned each wire one by one and slid heat shrink down each wire, and was sure to re pin it before unpinning the next to avoid getting them mixed up. I also noticed some corrosion on my right vertical adjuster motor so I have one on the way to replace it, although I don't think that would cause my headlight to not turn on.

That being said, I don't know if it could be the switch itself or if it is the footwell module. I'm thinking that has to be it because of the wire insulation being broken before, that the module has switched the light off. if that be the case, does it have to be recoded or is there a certain pin on one of the module plugs that can be swapped to turn the switch back on.?

Any knowledge or pointers are welcomed and appreciated, Thanks!
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