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325xi-SteelGray said:
I went with the clears from Something like $40 for both. They were a real B!TCH to install - broke 2 and gave up, left a cracked one on. If you want the install directions, let me know and I will look up the link.
Here's the link:

Front Clear Reflector DIY

FWIW, in the DIY, there's a couple of pictures of the clear reflectors where a 'Made in Taiwan' sticker is clearly visible. I don't know if they are the same from all suppiers but, if so, this might explain fitment problems. I wouldn't think that OEM reflectors from BMW would have a 'Made in Taiwan' sticker on them.

The painted reflectors, OTOH, are supposed to be stock OEM BMW reflectors that are painted by a third party, so maybe the install goes smoother with them.
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