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Price of E90 volatile?

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I am doing an ED with a nice dealer who agreed to do $XXX over invoice. What worries me is that he said that if the prices change before I take delivery, the amount I owe will change for that amount as well. Is this right or the price should be fixed once the order is placed?
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The Other Tom said:
The price will probably change in the fall of this year , have to pay for your ED car before you leave for Europe, so no worries, mate. :)
If I may ask... Why do you expect the price to change in the fall? Would it be up or down?
Thank you Beewang for your comment. I know that the dealership has an agreement for "New Vehicle Order" with itemized model, options and prices. But perhaps they don't use it in case of ED? It seems I have no document which states how much money I owe...

When should I receive the invoice? Is it possible to pay for the car earlier than one month before pick-up?
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Wallenrod said:
Just read again what you wrote and I'm sure you'll get it.
You negotiated X amount over invoice so if the invoice changes you will owe X amount over the newly changed invoice to your "nice dealer." It really is not rocket science nor does it have anything to do with BMW pricing strategies - it's pure logic.
I was never confused with this logic. I just thought that once the order is processed by BMW NA the price would be fixed even for the dealer's protection if not anything else. Otherwise, dealers themselves would risk not knowing their profit until the car is delivered 3 months later.

Just to understand it completely - when exactly should I get the invoice with the final pricing?
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Wallenrod said:
Dealer is fully protected if you guys have an X over invoice price. Why would he/she worry about BMWNA price change in this arrangement. You took that risk on yourself.
In my last message I meant a case when the dealer takes the risk and sets the price with a customer. It seems odd they would be okay risking their profit in case the price goes up by a few percent between the time they submit the order and the time the car is shipped.

I can't think of any other example where a customer orders something and wouldn't know the price until it's delivered (carpets, furniture, etc. you always know the price even if you need to wait for production and delivery).

Please, don't misunderstand me again. I am not complaning. I am just trying to understand why this procedure is an exception from all other forms of ordering from the manufacturer...
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I still have one question: what triggers the dealer to request a payment from me and makes the car price final? Is there some invoice sent from BMWNA to the dealer at some point (that the dealer is awaiting before he can charge me)?
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