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Hi so I'm in the market for a 328xi and last night I contacted about 8 dealership via their web sites in the New York/New Jersey area about a quote. I've been contacted either through email or phone by most of them. One of the dealerships (Manhattan) said to me that he could not give me a quote without meeting with me first because their dealership was a flagship and one of the only ones owned directly by BMW. He said they would not allow him to do this. I think it's a crock but I agreed to meet since I work in Manhattan and I'm only about a mile away.

Is there any truth to what this guy says?
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How did that go for you m3kidd? Treated fairly?
Just a follow up to my original post on this thread. I did visit that manhattan dealership and they did give me a fair price ($500 over invoice) but the sales guy really talked trash about the other dealerships I was planning to visit. I get why he would do that but he was laying it on thick.

He also tried to use scare tactics in the form of service. He told me that that the service department would take forever to service my car if I purchased it from another dealer and brought it to them (the manhattan dealer being closest to my job).

I was able to get a better deal at another dealership ($60 below invoice) but I wasn't so fond of the offer I received on my trade so I reached out to the dealer in manhattan again. I let him know that if he could match the price on the 328 and beat the trade-in offer I would give him the business. He asked me to come in for an appraisal. When I got there he kept me waiting like most dealers do and eventually comes back while on his cell finishing up a conversation. He tells me that was the manager giving him approval for the price match. Funny -- isn't that the oldest salesmens line?

While they did match the pricing on the 328, they came in at $1K less for the trade than the previous dealer. Including the additional fees I was going to lose $1,200 on the deal. I respectfully declined the offer and told him that I completely understood the dealerships position however I could not williingly lose out on $1,200.

The dealer became a bigger douche at this point. He sat with me and informed me that there would be absolutely no way I would ever get service in manhattan because they only take care of their own customers. He informed me that there mechanics would work their customers cars, play games on their phones and leave my car for dead last because that's what happens with outside vehicles. He kept reminding me that he had pull in the service department because he scratches their back. He also said that outsiders such as myself would never get a loaner car because those are for their customers. He then asked me if losing all those benefits is really worth $1,200. Lastly, he informed me that I would never get the trade-in amount that I was quoted by the other dealer because they were going to find a way to scam me.

Not to be mistaken, throughout this entire conversation he was never rude or demanding. He was just passive-aggressive. He used intimidation but always smiled. He was so good that it took a little while for me to catch on.

It's nasty out there guys.
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