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Probelms with Z4 Retractable Hardtop

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I have just encountered my first problem with a BMW product in over 12 years of ownership, a 2011 Z4 and one of six BMW products that I've owned in the last 12 years, and I am looking to see if anyone has encountered a similar problem with their vehicle or has any experience in handling a similar issue with their Customer Service Group.

The problem is that the convertible top mechanism on the car just started making a grinding sound when opened or stored so I brought the car to my local dealership for service. After reviewing the problem and pulling up the service codes from BMW HQ, my service department called to tell me that the problem that I had encountered was due to the improper operation of the convertible roof at a speed above 18.5 MPH and since that occurred above the legal limit for safe operation of the mechanism it was not a warrantable event. After exchanging several phone calls with the service department and discussing the issue with the Service Manager I advised the service writer that the only time that the roof was ever raised while the car was in motion was as I drove into my garage for a distance of about 30 feet and always at a speed <5 MPH, in fact I think the switch is even locked out if you are not at a crawl. But after the service manager insisted that the error code was valid, and that the roof of the car was attempted to be open or closed above the safe speed of 18.5 MPH I did my own research and found an Either and or. Tab on the BMW Web Site under the BMW Z4 Roadster: Retractable hardtop page 1 of 2 that states "Whichever option you choose, you can open or close the roof safely up to a speed of 40 km/h." First, while I have never tried to open or close the roof at that speed, and I am not sure it is even possible, has anyone else experienced a problem with their convertible mechanism while moving? Further, does anyone have any suggestions regarding handling a complaint within the BMW Customer Relations Department which is where I believe this issue may be headed.

Thank you in advance for any guidance you may be able to render.