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Problem areas on E39

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I've just acquired an E39 with 90,000 miles. It is a 2000-540i-6 speed manual, the car has been babied by the previous owner and maintained by a BMW dealer. I am planning to take it on a road trip and was wondering what the problem areas are on an E39-540i.
Front suspension bushings have been replaced recently. I have also replaced the drive belts and repacked the drive shaft center bearing, is there anything else i should be looking at?
Thank you for your response.
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Biggest issue and most likely to leave you stranded is the cooling system. At 90k you are on borrowed time if original cooling system.

Other issues:

And since you are new to the forum, you'll want to bookmark the following for future reference:
Everything! just kidding..

High Priority:
Have ALL the cooling system components checked.

Not so High Priority:
Valve cover gaskets, upper timing cover, plugs (If leaking).
Brake wear
Fuel filter wouldn't hurt (assuming it still has its orginal one)
Trans fluid change?
...just to name a few.
The problem areas on any E39 during the internet days are owners that do not know how to use the internet to their advantage when looking up said issues.
in addition to the above

Oil filter housing leak
Intake book crack
power steering fluid hoses
Door lock actuators
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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