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Problem with blown Fuse 44 (wipers/radio)

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I had fuse 44 blow yesterday. I was driving along and decided to spray the wipers (wipers not currently on) and when I pulled the spray seemed a little weak, so I pulled again and BAM, the radio/wipers go dead! I checked and the resevoir for the fluid was empty, so possibly the pump needed to draw too much current without fluid in the tank.

I checked the fuse cover and radio and the wipers share #44. I filled the fluid tank, changed the fuse and started the car....the radio was still dead and I got out and saw fuse 44 had blown again.

Any ideas?? The electrical problem must be caused by the wipers or the wiper fluid pump. It seems unlikely that the radio had anything to do with it. Any insights/ideas would be much appreaciated.

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I checked the wiper pump motor and it checked out ok, and the fuse still blows. It is strange...the fuse blows on the first click of the key. The wipers shouldn't have power then, right?? The only thing should be the interior lights, radio, etc. Well, I don't have a wiring diagram so I cannot think of what could be shorted on that circuit, so Cosmos may have to go to the dealer. I can't find an easy way to check the wiper motor in front, and I don't have anything in the hatch because I did the rear wiper delete a few weeks ago (btw, I don't think that could have anything to do with is just an open circuit back there, nothing to short.)

I hate the dealer...they fix one thing and break two more!!

Problem solved!!

It became a problem I couldn't tackle with my schedule, so off to the dealer this morning. They found the short in the switch on the steering wheel column for the wipers!!! I can't believe I would have found that in less than 40 hours; the y found it in 4 hours (they had to take the entire car apart to find it though...I think the car was built around that switch!!).

It was the last thing I touched too!! Approximately $415 should cover everything (incl. tax) I was told, and my service writer gave me a 10% discount...I'll gladly pay that to not do that much work. The switch had to FEDEX'd overnight so I'll get the car back tomorrow afternoon. And it is raining out now so its a good thing I took care of this ASAP.

Thanks for all of the advice...this thread should serve as a reference for fuse #44 for the board.

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