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Problem with blown Fuse 44 (wipers/radio)

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I had fuse 44 blow yesterday. I was driving along and decided to spray the wipers (wipers not currently on) and when I pulled the spray seemed a little weak, so I pulled again and BAM, the radio/wipers go dead! I checked and the resevoir for the fluid was empty, so possibly the pump needed to draw too much current without fluid in the tank.

I checked the fuse cover and radio and the wipers share #44. I filled the fluid tank, changed the fuse and started the car....the radio was still dead and I got out and saw fuse 44 had blown again.

Any ideas?? The electrical problem must be caused by the wipers or the wiper fluid pump. It seems unlikely that the radio had anything to do with it. Any insights/ideas would be much appreaciated.

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i have the same issue, but it has been going on for quite a long time... the rear wiper kept wiping the glass after i washed it and i think the only way to stop it, was to switch off the car...

then it didnt do this joke for quite a while, but now all of the wipers keep wiping and when i wash the front window, it blows the fuse... when i wash the rear window, it even blows water on the rear glass and wipes it normally, but at the same time, all of the wipers still keep wiping... and again.. when i want to wash the front windshield, it blows the fuse again...

it could be the same switch on the steering column then? -_- (it started to blow the fuse with a hot weather and an empty washing tank... should probably keep the tank always full then?)
i guess it was the faulty wi-wa2 chip behind the glove box, but the empty fluid tank might have also played its part a bit...
how many times does the rear wiper wipe the glass after pushing the lever tho? does it only stop after you push it again?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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